Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing Company

Remember how excited you were after having that newly installed brick paver surface completed? Your brick pavers looked beautiful and you were the envy of the neighborhood.

Unfortunately your brick pavers have lost their luster over time. Wear, tear and the elements took a toll on your beautiful brick paver patio, sidewalk or driveway.

As a landscape management firm who has been overseeing commercial and residential properties for nearly 25 years, we have experienced this problem first hand. Our specialized crews have been trained in paver cleaning and brick sealing to professionally restore your brick pavers to that like new condition.

Why hire a brick cleaning and brick sealing service for your project?

* Brick cleaning removes stains, dirt, moss and efflorescence
* Brick sealing implements joint stabilizing sand reducing weed growth
* Brick sealing utilizes a sealer which revitalizes the bricks color and protects it from future dirt and stains
* We are an experienced and professional brick cleaning and sealing service.

What if I have issues with sinking or broken bricks?

* We have the specialized crews that can re-level your brick pavers and/or repair your brick pavers.
* Then our specialized paver cleaning and paver sealing crews complete the job by revitalizing your brick pavers

We Service The Following Areas: